Bye, Val…

So it seems to finally be official. After months of speculating on when (or I guess if) the Stars and Nichushkin would be agreeing on a new contract, the RFA has decided to sign in the KHL this season. CSKA Moscow has reported that they have agreed to a two year deal with Nichushkin. The Stars will retain his rights (at least if he comes back before becoming a UFA).

I’ll admit I personally have mixed feelings about this whole thing. First, I am truly disappointed that Nichushkin is leaving. Despite a less than stellar showing this past season, the guy shows that he has some raw potential. The reports that he doesn’t like playing under Lindy Ruff are disheartening to say the least. Ruff’s patented line blender moves probably didn’t do much to help his development. So while I am sad to see him go, I hope he is able to have more time to develop. He claims he wants to return to the Dallas Stars after his contract expires. Hopefully he does and comes back a better player for it. In the meantime, I think the Stars have ample amounts of talent to fill his spot, between newly acquired Jiri Hudler and the up and coming forwards from the AHL. 

So best of luck, Val. Hope to see you again at some point…

– Italia



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