Post Season Thoughts from Caitlynn

This season. There’s so much to say about this season. I’ll start with the fact that despite not going as far as everyone would have liked in the post-season, the Dallas Stars were not there by accident. Despite all the criticism of their style of play, the goal-tending, the unsustainable offensive, they made it because they deserved to be there.

Let’s take a quick look at some numbers:

Stars were ranked first for goals scored with 265 (Capitals in second with 248… Just a 17 goal difference, no big deal.)

Stars ranked first in assist with 433.

Stars ranked first in empty net goals at 24.

Stars only shut out once in the season. Only team to score in all games but one.

Stars ranked second in power play goals with 58.

Stars ranked third in shots on goal with 2624.

Stars ranked fourth on the powerplay, fifth in shorthanded goals.

I’ll go ahead and stop there, but those are some impressive statistics. So yeah, we didn’t go as far as we could have in the post season, but by God did we earn our spot there. By God did we earn top of the Western Conference, second in the league.

Some of my favorite moments from this season include:

-Niemi being the only goalie to ever post a shutout and record two assist in a game

-Seguin’s hat trick against Boston

-Eaves’ hat trick against Chicago

-Janmark’s first goal in his first game

-Johns first goal

-Jason Dickinson’s first goal in his first game

-Johns knocking James Neal into our bench

-Jordie scoring on the power play, getting two game winners in three games, and his fight against Selleck

-Also when he scored in Minnesota and they compared him to Yukon Cornelius and he posted it on Instagram

-Roussel’s goal against the Wild in the playoffs and his subsequent interview (“It was like a Sidney Crosby goal or something.”)

It was a good season. We lost some, but we won 50. Italia and I grew to pretty genuinely like (sometimes begrudgingly) our seat neighbor who annoyed us before. I look forward to the coming season. We have a bright future ahead of us, and I want to thank them for the season the just played.

It’s bittersweet for the it to end, but I believe in the Dallas Stars. I do.



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