Game 56: WE BEAT THE CAPS!!!

This weekend we had the privilege of watching our Dallas Stars take on the top team in the league. We had previously beat the Washington Capitals on the road earlier this season, and have a pretty good record against them overall (Stars have won the 7 last meetings, and after Saturday night, 8), but hockey being the way it is, you just never know. I was much more nervous going into this game than I think Caitlynn was. And some of the nervousness was certainly called for as evidenced by the final period. The end result was a decisive win against a formidable foe, in a highly entertaining game. Probably one of the most exciting I’ve witnessed to date.

What did we know about the Washington Capitals going in? A bit actually. They’re having quite the season. They sit solidly at the top of the Eastern Conference (ahead by so much that Vegas is no longer accepting bets on which team will win the Eastern Conference). They of course are first in the league as well. In the game prior to Saturday, The Great Alexander Ovechkin scored a hat trick, which helped place him in sole possession of the top of the goal scorer leaderboard. And then they also have Holtbeast Holtby, who is doing pretty well for himself, leading the rest of the goaltenders in wins. That combined with the sheer offensive firepower that this team provides made for a great test for the Stars.

Here are some of the highlights/notable things that happened during this game:

-We won! 4-3

-All of our Patricks (Patrik) got a point

-Roussel and Wilson were shoving each other in the very first face off they were in. We thought this hinted at things to come, but luckily nothing happened on that end.

-JANMARK SCORED FIRST!!! (This is super important for Italia)

-Followed by goals from Jamie (!), and 2 from Seguin.

-Klingberg was on the receiving end of some rough treatment from the Caps. Penalties were called on them, so it stayed a fair game for the most part.

-After Brooks Laich high-sticked Klingberg, he smiled and looked very proud of himself. He got a penalty for it.

-Goligoski received a roughing minor after the ensuing tussle involving Klingberg.

-Dominated in the second period. Like in Chicago, we scored all 4 of our goals in one period. This led to Holtby being replaced in the third period.

-Nemeth playing really solidly. Multipoint night, and earned 2nd Star!

-Seguin and Eakin injured: Seguin left the ice towards the end of the 3rd period after getting wrist cut by Backstrom’s skate. He left to get stitched up, but was able to return for final moments (did not play), and to do his victory lap for earning 1st Star. Eakin left with an undisclosed injury (might have been the result of a hit?). Both Eakin and Seguin will be playing against the Nashville Predators.

So all in all, what a great win for us. We kept the best team in the league on their toes offensively, and then were able to defend when they threw everything they had at us. The last period was stressful, but that was to be expected. The Washington Capitals are too good a team to allow themselves to ease up, even when four goals down. Sure, I think we all would have preferred a bigger deficit to finish the game, but I can’t really complain. Now that this game is over, and we won, I can say that watching the Capitals play was amazing, especially in the 3rd period (I’m sure I would be feeling much different had we allowed them to tie the game up…). We got to witness Ovechkin’s deadly slap shot (which sucks being on the receiving end for), along with some magnificent saves from Holtby that had the Stars fans around us clapping in admiration. I am grateful that we are in different conferences, but I hope we get to play them again. Maybe after the regular season ends in a series…

Until next time!

Caitlynn & Italia


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