Game 55: Hat trick for Patrick, and not the one you’re expecting.

The initial feelings going into this game were less than fond. Not only had we lost to them five days prior, Spezza is still out with his injury, and suddenly Demers was out with an illness. The outlook at the start was not good. The only thing going in our favor was Artemi Panarin also being out with illness.

We took most of these notes during the game, so please note the descending incoherency as we go along.

-Gorgeous first period showing off our offensive skill, solid second to show off how strong we can be defensively, and then a third that said ‘well, if all else fails, we do have a goalie’.

-Eaves with a beautiful goal at a ridiculous angle! Seriously, we didn’t think it went in.

-Klingberg scores in regulation on the 4-on-4!! (Technically considered special teams!)

-Moen and Mashinter get in a little scuffle, even went so far as to drop the gloves, but the linesmen wouldn’t let them throw punches. They each got 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike behavior.

-Roussel smashes into the glass in a poorly preformed check

-Eaves gets another PP goal!!

-Kari omg thank God (we’re leaving this in, and we’re not sure exactly what happened, but we assume Kari stopped a Patrick Kane break away)

-EAVES HAT TRICK!!!! Eaves scores on the PP yet again to complete the second hat trick of his career. (As a side note, his first career hat trick was with the Red Wings, and against the Dallas Stars)

  • First player in Dallas Stars history to get a hat trick in first period!
  • Tenth player to score three goals in one period in franchise history.

-“They went through the Hawks defense like a bowl of bad Indian food.”- Razor

-Nemeth keeps the puck while falling, manages to pass it to a teammate before hitting the ice. He has definitely been playing better as of late.

-We held defensively through the second period! We have defense again!

-Moen disappears at some point during the second period and does not return. He is out with a lower body injury and is listed as day to day by Ruff.


Some Informal Stats through the second period:

-Janmark fall count: 2

-Jordie fall count: 1

-Jamie fall count: 2

-Jokipakka fall count: 1

-Klingberg fall count: 1

-Jamie broken stick: 1 (He broke it himself over his knee in frustration)


-Klingberg scores a goal for the Hawks with his butt (deflection), causes the Hawks to rally a bit. Caitlynn finds this hilarious, Italia, being the sour grape she is, does not.

-Kane finds the net straight from a pass from his buddy Toews after winning the face off in our zone.

-Kari seems to be the only Star on the ice in the third period. The Hawks really came back and threw everything they had at us in the third. Luckily, we maintained a two goal lead, despite the Hawks playing with an extra attacker for the last three minutes of the game. Kari held on.


Thankfully, this meeting with the Hawks went a lot better than the previous one had. It was nice to be able to win on their ice after the embarrassed us on ours. (Sadly the world did not see to deliver poetic justice and give them a 5-1 loss, but we’ll take 4-2.) We played well, and it’s hard to stop such an offensive powerhouse like Chicago when they get desperate in the third.

Come back next time where we play the Capitals. (Yikes.)

-Cailtynn and Italia


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