Game 54: Overtime Again? Well okay.

Probably still smarting a little from the horrible loss on Saturday (we know we were), our boys took off on the father’s road trip. First game on the schedule was against the Wild, who we all know beat us at home the last time we met.  Anytime we play the Wild, things seem to get a little sloppy and physical. This game was no exception, but we came out on top, which was a good confidence booster before facing Chicago, yet again, at the United Center.


Some slightly more in-depth analysis:


-“Make them defend and that’s how we’re going to win.” –Said by the first Wild player in the interviews during the pre-game. Other teams are starting to pick up on how different our defense operates. Our defense plays so offensively, which can be good (like when our defensemen score three of our four goals). It’s not good when we give up 2-on-0s that result in goals.

-Poor possession at the start of the game due to that struggling defense and the pressure the Wild kept putting on our guys to ensure they didn’t have room to work.

-Bad goal in the 3rd for the Wild. Should have been overturned by the review, which was brought up by the league not the Stars themselves, because there was enough doubt about whether or not Dumba touched the puck with his hand before it went in. The bad goal caused our guys to lose their momentum and go 16-5 SOGs in the third period in favor of the Wild. They got rattled, but Kari! Kari was first star of the game in our hearts. Kari is the only reason we made it into OT to get the win.


-Jordie very carefully flattens a guy. A very soft push down to the ice. Gentle defending.

-Jordie knocked over a few times.

-Eaves was the target of a lot of shoving and rudeness. He got his helmet punched off there at one point. 😦

-Roussel-Janmark-Hemsky line should come back. Janmark and Hemsky play really well together, and Roussel gives that physical presence to the front of the net and to the forechecks.

-Janmark almost falls attempting to pick up stick off the ice, but he doesn’t!

-Announcer notes how there was no one to ‘go down on Eaves’. Innuendo counter: 1

-Jamie runs into someone’s stick and draws a penalty.

-Klingberg cheering gets picked up by the mics: A+


-Goligoski with the goal. Defense getting in on that offense like they do. (Eaves with the assist, which he deserved for getting shoved down and then subsequently sat on).

-Demers goal, which totally bounced in off an unfortunate Wild defenseman. But we’ll take it! (He also got a tripping call, which seems to be his thing recently. Get a tripping penalty, get a point, be it goal or assist.)

-Eaves scores on the power play! They didn’t score on us during our power plays!!

-Eaves plays well on the top lines, both on the top power play unit and on the top line itself. He generates a lot of good opportunities and he goes to the front of the net to put pressure on the goalie and the defense.

-Klingberg once again goes full hero in OT to score. Klingberg now is close to a tie for first for OT winners this season. Toews has 5, Klinger has 4.

-Won while their daddies are here to watch them! “Proud Papas”, as the Stars Twitter called them.

-Less falling to the ice for unknown reasons!

-A few defensive plays that actually worked out for us!


So we came away with the win, after a pretty disappointing loss at home. We hope that the momentum carries into Thursday night as well.


Next time, we talk Chicago. For real this time.

-Caitlynn and Italia


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