Game 53: The Stars Played the Hawks? Not That We Saw.

Defense? We have that, sometimes, but not tonight.

It hurts when you lose at home to cheers from the other team’s fans that the home fans can’t drown out. 😦

To distract from the less than stellar game we watched, Caitlynn will take this time to talk about the less than stellar neighbor she sits next to because Italia “doesn’t have the self-control” and “doesn’t want to cause a scene”. In her defense, she did offer to switch several times, but Caitlynn turned down the offer because she likes the chance to point out things he misses.


The problem with season tickets is that sometimes your seats are next to other season ticket holder seats. Sometimes, that’s great. Sometimes, you can make friends and that’s all neat. But the gentleman, and I hesitate to call him as such, that sits to my immediate right is a general nightmare. He’s loud, and he says the most obnoxious stuff. I do not need to hear his opinion of which ice girl is wearing too much makeup, nor the fact that ‘season ticket holders aren’t allowed to date the ice girls, or I’d be with at least three of them’ as he said to his friend. Yes, I do know that was icing. Yes, that indeed was a penalty, but it was tripping not a hook as you just so said. And he never is saying all these things to me, despite how loudly he proclaims them, but I can hear it all. He’s always making negative comments about our play, which yes please don’t turn it over in the defensive zone y’all, but it doesn’t help anyone for you to point it out from the terrace level. (Heck, they probably wouldn’t care if you were right on the glass.) It doesn’t help my anxiety, or my level of tolerance for your amateur analysis that is literally a play by play of what I just witnessed. I’m sure your friend is also paying attention, and unless asking a direct question, is probably smart enough to figure out what just happened. Especially for a penalty where the Ref will kindly come and tell us exactly who did what. And I swear to God, if he says how Jordie is lucky to be on the roster one more time, I will lose it. I believe in Jordie more than I believe in myself most days.

Look, I know I’m probably just as loud and make comments that are just as stupid, but I do try and refrain from saying inflammatory things about the players and their intelligence. My only crime is to constantly gasp in shock and wonder aloud, a tad frantically, ‘is he okay?’. After every hit or anytime someone falls down. (Something not always, though mostly, reserved for our guys either. Please don’t hurt each other. 😦 And I know it’s not particularly productive to worry about hits because they are a part of the game and they’re gonnna happen.) Or, I’ll say things like ‘It’s okay, babe’ when something bad happens or they make a bad play. I can find it in my heart to forgive them because they’re my team no matter what they do. I’m sure that gets on the nerves of my neighbors.  But I have never called a player stupid for a bad play. It’s a hard job, and I know for a fact I could not do better, and I’m 99.9% sure, gentleman to my right, that you couldn’t either.

Some overheard gems

Annoying Seat Neighbor (ASN): Shoot the puck!! Just throw it at the net!!

Roussel: -shoots the puck-

ASN: My shot is harder than that!


ASN: Shoot the puck!

Unknown Star: -does-

ASN: [in regards to the opposing teams goalie] He’s left handed, you numbnut! The other side!!


ASN: That’s our rookie, Yawn-Mark.

ASN: [Longwinded story about friend living in Chicago and the girlfriend no one likes.]

ASN: That’s Jordie Benn. He’s lucky to still be on our roster.


And the worst thing he’s ever said: I think I’m going to renew these seats!


My only saving grace is that he doesn’t go to every home game, and sometimes, there is blissful silence from his seat.

So to have his running commentary throughout the entire Hawks game was just insult to injury. (Though to be fair, he stopped caring at the 4-1 point when it was clear that we weren’t gonna make a comeback. Maybe if we could separate ourselves emotionally, it would be okay, but alas, we are who we are.)


After this game, all we could do was pick ourselves up and move on. Our hope was that we could take what happened, learn from it, and come back stronger than ever.

Comeback next time for more complaining about somewhat, but not really, hockey related stories. (But for real, next time it’ll be hockey related. Promise.)

-Caitlynn and Italia

P.S. If you’re reading this, and you know who you are, hello. And it’s pronounced YAN-mark.


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