Game 52: The Revenant was good? I guess it was.

Due to having friends that don’t quite appreciate hockey in the same way we do, we had to miss the majority of this game in order to maintain friendships. Bummer. We saw The Revenant which was also sad. So please excuse our less than thorough review of this game, as well as the four game delay upon which it has been posted.


Italia’s fear of Varlamov was abated upon learning that, for personal legal reasons that are neither here nor there, Pickard started in net. Caitlynn still had no opinion of the Avs goalie. Notable going into this game was the fact that the Stars had not won in The Pepsi Center since 2013. It wasn’t a very promising statistic, especially considering our recent struggles against them. Fortunately we have broken the winless streak against the Colorado Avalanche!


As per usual, our break down of the good, the bad, and the so-so.


The Good:

-We won!

-Goals from Spezza, Hemsky, and Demers

-Niemi blocked MacKinnon’s penalty shot. Penalty shots are always stressful, so that’s a good thing. Thank you, Niemi.

-We won a goaltender interference challenge for once! Kept the deficit at the end of the second period at one, instead of two like it could have been.

-Klinger “goes full hero” in over time!

-Since we didn’t actually watch the game, we can’t comment too intelligently on how well they played, but since they won, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say it was beautiful. Everyone did great. They’re perfect. Everyone gets first star.


The Bad:

-Spezza. 😦 Upper body injury after getting checked into boards in the second period. He left the bench and did not return to the game. After the game, we were informed that his condition was week-to-week, and was later placed on IR.

-Janmark  was elbowed in the face and came away bloody. As far as we know, there was no call made for that. (In this case, it might be good that Italia did not witness this. She was stressed enough as it was.)


The So-So:

-Janmark and Eaves involved in a scuffle, and Eaves got a roughing penalty (even though it was clearly self-defense). It seemed like the entire Avs line swarmed Janmark. He was the lone Stars player in a gaggle of Avs bullies. (Italia caught enough of this to have her blood pressure rise slightly.)


And that sums up our less than thorough observations this game. We’ll try not to let friendship interfere with the important things in life.


Yup. Thanks!

-Caitlynn and Italia


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